Welcome to the OPUS Collections Sustainability section of the website. Our Sustainability Policy has three core elements: PEOPLE, COMMUNITY and ENVIORNMENT - We work continuously on improvement of our company in all departments from manufacturing to delivery of the goods and services. We strive to improve workplace ethics for our PEOPLE and their professional development. We operate business with innovation which recognizes our responsibility for community.

The employees of OPUS Collections are the core of our company's strength. Our Business model is 'Sustainability-driven business', oriented towards sustainable development and the creation of value those are associated with us.

The employee's creativity and talent drives the success of everything we do, and their dedication to our customers, shareholders and communities shapes the OPUS Collections experience.

OPUS Collections Corporate Sustainability in regard to PEOPLE - the way in which we treat our employees include the following: Equal opportunity and diversity in all regions where we operate, we respect and empower our employees and value their inputs and safety.

We encourage the development of our employees and their knowledge through education and training and promotion of junior staff. Safety measures are carefully taken to avoid accidents; 15 minutes are dedicated to drawing attention to safety issues and safety awareness to our employees.

We make sure that every new employee receives an introductory brochure containing information on occupational health and safety. These brochures contains vital information including safety and health risks, safety regulations, protective clothing, working with hazardous substances.